janan.ganesh@ft.com on the ‘Centrists’ Biden & Buttigieg. Old Socialist comments

Here is a collection of would be telling, or better yet, wan attempts to offer ‘insights‘ on the Democratic candidates, still in the running. Well before the first Primary in February 2020. The Villain in this retelling is the favorite Financial Times’  Straw-Man ‘The Left’, in sum, the actual Left-Wing Social Democrat Sanders. Ersatz ‘Progressive’ Warren, and the rest of New Democrats, who have grown as stale as guests, who have overstayed their welcome. ‘Centrism’ in the American political present is defined as the alliance between the New Democrats/Neo-Liberals and the Neo-Conservatives.

Gone, for the moment, is Mr. Ganesh’s acidulous style, replaced by attempts at political commentary, framed as aphorisms, or its second cousin:

Mr Obama had astronomical star power.

The left’s takeover of the Democratic party is proving to be much slower and patchier than anticipated.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left’s coming force in Congress, is not all that typical of the party’s base, and nor is The Daily Show.

…then the revolution can wait for another time.

The biggest flops have been perceived careerists who seemed to affect left-wingery after years of subtler politics.

Mr Buttigieg means his Emmanuel Macron-ish technocracy.

The left still has all the social conditions to win.

It is hard to believe that a candidate so attuned to modern class schisms has already had her moment.

If the left still has a chance, though, it is not the overwhelming one of such recent hype.

The idea that Americans are being forced to choose between left and right extremes, like the luckless British, not only draws a spurious equivalence between Mr Trump and Ms Warren, it ignores all the pickings in between.
No longer. They hate him so much as to make them prudent.


Make note that Ganesh’s links to Martin Wolf’s review of The Great Reversal: How America Gave up on Free Markets, by Thomas Philippon, acts the part of the Anti-Piketty, continuing the Anti-Leftism theme. Harvard University Press has published both Piketty books: ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ and ‘Capital and Ideology’ and Philippon’s ode to competition, under threat from the Robber Baron’s of the 21st century.

Old Socialist


@doc martin

Thank you for your comment. Your argumentative rigor, in your posts below, amply demonstrate  your facility and eloquence of its own! My favorite: ‘ Why I saw the dem party left me (ACLU type who recalls going to a McGovern rally)’. James Pinkerton never let go of his animus to Sen. McGovern, even in the early 2000’s he was still offering up his political bile, as if it mattered.

You even inspired  @ALM to this bit of maladroitly re-engineered school yard taunt, for @FT’s reactionary readership: ‘Has the Socialist Worker removed the option to comment on its website? A dialog showing a permalink to the comment.’
Best regards,





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