The Financial Times on the Bloomberg candidacy. Old Socialist comments

What reader can forget the Edward Luce’s  essay of Nov. 7, 2019 ?

Headline: America’s religious war will test the limits of democracy

Sub-headline: Liberal dogmatism risks alienating the ‘exhausted majority’

Will Mr. Luce’s doom and gloom be lifted by Mr. Bloomberg’s entry into the maelstrom of the Democratic Party’s primaries? His record might be more in keeping with the closely held views of Evangelicals : an indigenous strain of political reaction to the Modern World, equal to Secularism? Bloomberg’s candidacy might not be a good fit? But an actual Oligarch has potential, as an instance of ‘Our Dear Leader’, in a belief system ruled by ruthless, but benevolent male figures.

Bloomberg’s list of accomplishments

Broken Widows Policing,  Removal, by stealth, of Judge Shira Scheindlin from the Stop & Frisk Case , Police violence against Occupy Wall Street, unstinting support of Charter Schools, and this Harvard Commencement Address warning against ‘political radicals’:

‘Bloomberg adviser’ Mr. Wolfson offers these observations on what Bloomberg has to offers

But Howard Wolfson, a Bloomberg adviser, said the former mayor had grown concerned that the Democratic candidates were “not well positioned” to defeat Donald Trump.

“If Mike runs he would offer a new choice to Democrats built on a unique record running America’s biggest city, building a business from scratch and taking on some of America’s toughest challenges as a high-impact philanthropist,” Mr Wolfson said.


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Headline: Departing Judge Offers Blunt Defense of Ruling in Stop-and-Frisk Case

‘She would never forget, she said, seeing a front-page photograph in a newspaper the day after she released her ruling, showing Mr. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, as she put it, “looking like two angry white men.”
‘They seemed out of touch with the issues that the communities cared about,” Judge Scheindlin said. “They didn’t seem to understand the impact of these policies on real people and real neighborhoods and real communities and the detrimental impact it was having, even on policing. And that’s the point. They didn’t seem to get it. It was all about fear — New York would blow up.”


Headline: Court Blocks Stop-and-Frisk Changes for New York Police

Judge Scheindlin issued a statement late Thursday explaining her use of the related-case rule, suggesting that encouraging the plaintiffs to file a new action made procedural sense. She added that in her interviews with the media, she had avoided talking about the Floyd case. “Some of the reporters used quotes from written opinions in Floyd that gave the appearance that I had commented on the case,” the judge said. “However, a careful reading of each interview will reveal that no such comments were made.”

Shira Scheindlin makes her case here, post-retirement :


P.S. Charter Schools are a Neo-Liberal article of Faith ! The ‘Market’ has no place in public education
, even its once champion Diane Ravitch turned against this educational scheme: awash is waste fraud and abuse by political opportunist.

Headline: Charter schools damage public education


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