‘Liberal’ Gideon Rachman advocates Europe as a ‘power project … shaped by might, rather than law’. Old Socialist comments

Headline: The EU needs to be a power project

Sub-headline: The emerging world order will increasingly be The emerging world order will increasingly be shaped by might, rather than law

The advocate/apologist for The Post-War Liberal Order, Mr. Rachman, and its rhetorical cognates, shares, not only with Guy Verhofstadt, but with incoming foreign affairs chief  of the EU Josep Borrell, as reported by Yahoo News, via The Telegraph newspaper, but signals a bellicosity, usually reserved for the context of the nation state, now writ large for the setting of the European Super State.

Headline: Incoming EU foreign affairs chief declares Brussels needs more troops and must be ready to intervene


In a bellicosity, that reflects/refracts a belief in the usable myth of  Russian revanchism, forgetting the promises made to Gorbachev:  that finds the reader, with a verifiable historical memory within the  power project advocated by Mr. Rachman, that is familiar political territory: the signatories to the Statement of Principals of the American Project for a New American Century of 1997. Look at the signatories who were the architects of ‘The War on Terror’!

Dick Cheney, I. Lewis Libby, Donald Rumsfeld , Paul Wolfowitz


The appetite for war is a danger, that now threatens the coal and steel cartel of Monnet, that metastasized into a Super State.  Whose members rarely meet the standards set by its own Eurocrats. Add a standing army to the list of burdens that this state faces, that is if NATO will willingly surrender its claim as the protector of Europe? The American Conservatives will, perhaps, find this ‘defense independence’ an agreeable evolution?  The ‘Liberals’ , the New Democrats and their  R2P fellow travelers, will find the loss of their European purchase, vexing, if not a betrayal of their raison d’etre?

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