edward.luce@ft.com ‘endorses’ New Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Political Observer comments

Some sobering statistics put the Democratic Party  ‘horse race ‘ , as presented by Mr. Luce,  for its presidential nominee into perspective (As of September 27, 2019) :

129 days until the first Democratic Primary

209 days until the Democratic Convention

402 days before Election Day 2020

The first paragraph of Mr. Luce’s latest installment of his ‘horse race’ handicapping is no surprise:

It was coincidence that Elizabeth Warren took the lead in the Democratic presidential race on the first day of the Donald Trump impeachment process. It was nevertheless a poetic one. Ms Warren is running against a “rigged system” that serves the wealthy elites. She warns that the global marriage of “authoritarianism and corrupt capitalism” is pushing America down the slippery slope to kleptocracy. The fact Mr Trump could be impeached for exactly what Ms Warren is running against is something of a windfall. It is pure bonus that Ms Warren’s chief rival, Joe Biden, is also caught in the cross fire.

Like the good corporate journalist Luce  then recites the latest polling data about Biden: ‘campaign is faltering badly.’ Biden’s campaign is collapsing because he is like Reagan, when he went off script, a telling example of political non compos mentis! That Biden obtained a  a ‘job‘ for son Hunter was a known fact in 2014:

Headline: Joe Biden’s son gets job with major Ukrainian natural gas company

May 13, 2014


Polls have proven, in the past, to be not just unreliable, but full of holes. But the corporatists  continue to rely on them to give weight to their Political Metaphysics, as an act of prescience that won’t stand against the unpredictability, the ineluctable march of time. These political interventions by pundits have a very short shelf life – they rely on the fact that its readers live in The United States of Amnesia, but that same old party dress just looks shopworn after so many outings!

Mr. Luce proves that Warren, in her New Democratic guise, is not the same Warren that shamed the Bankers to their faces. Although she trades upon the remembrance of that discarded self ,in the political recollection of her supporters. Warren has made alliance with the very powerful Clinton coterie that controls the party. But not to the extent that it can control the Sanders Insurgency.

The problematic avoided by the corporatist ‘horse race’ view of the political is that its practitioners fail to engage with the vexing, not to speak of unmanageable questions of  values!  As related to policies of the Sanders campaign, based upon  the values of Left-Wing Social Democracy: a renewal of the New Deal,  that is antithetical to the Neo-Liberalism of the Clinton coterie, and its newest recruit Warren.

Political Observer



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