@FT The Cult of Macron, episode DCLXXVII: The Triumph at G7! Political Observer comments

Headline: Emmanuel Macron’s G7 summit calms the storm, for now

Sub-headline: Brexit has already pushed Britain to the margins of global affairs

In the wake of Macri’s signal failure at the Argentine voting booths, the Posh Boys at The Financial Times, ‘The Editorial Board’, mine Macron’s success at the G7, as if it were more that a collection of opportunities, for useful public relations photos. Note the photo of Macron and Trump, that is the silent witness to the Cult of Macron ,as not quite ‘Dear Leader’ propaganda, but close!

As the gilets jaunes demonstrations continue in France, now not worthy of reporting in this newspaper- the only place to find video of these continuing demonstrations is on twitter! No need for corporate media to do anything, but simply engage in a form of Stalinist Erasure, before the fact?

Much credit goes to the meeting’s host, French president Emmanuel Macron, for his adroit diplomacy in defusing these potential time bombs. Mr Macron has had his own domestic political troubles, but he has emerged as a leader with weight and seriousness in international affairs. His willingness to act as a broker in an effort to bring together Mr Trump with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani for direct talks on the nuclear crisis showed laudable diplomatic imagination.
In handling Mr Trump, Mr Macron found a balance between necessary if embarrassing flattery of the US president and strong resolve to promote Europe’s commitment to the multilateral international order.

Mr Macron, however, deserves considerable thanks for his efforts to calm the storms.


In this collection the ‘heroes’ and ‘villains’ remain the same, as Summer makes way for Fall, the Posh Boys just give this deck of cards a perfunctory shuffle!

Political Observer



@gaston lagaffe @StephenKMackSD

Thank you for your comment. What is the reader of this newspaper to think of first, the fact that 36.5% of voters, in the final round of the election, rendered their ballots ‘spoiled’ or otherwise ‘uncountable’ ?  The Financial Times pronounced this ‘win’ as  what? A Sea Change?  ‘They still linger’ is indicative of a loss of interest by the gilets jaunes, while the gilets noirs ,France’s undocumented migrants, occupied the Pantheon in mid-July.


What will precipitate a re-invigoration, and a possible alliance between these two coteries, of the discontented? Macron’s insufferable, flat-footed arrogance will provide the answer! He’s Trump with an ENA pedigree.  The ‘Jupertarian Politics’ proclaimed by Macron are not now the focus of The Financial Times’ Editorial Board, but his succession to the position occupied by Merkel, as titular head of the EU and leader of the  mythical ‘Europe’. Macron as Neo-Liberal actor, couched in the notion of necessary ‘Reform’, will provide the reasons for the re-invigoration of the gilets jaunes, and for that necessary alliance with gilets noirs.




@Italianstallion @StephenKMackSD @gaston lagaffe

Thank you for your comment! ‘You are nuts’ is your opening gambit. The jury is still out on that vexing question. Then a selection of reductive comments about what and who the  gilets jaunes are, and their political ineffectiveness. They lacked the hierarchy necessary to political victory?   Then on to Macron’s ‘tinkering’ with his Neo-Liberalization Project, which is equal to ‘some fine tuning’, of an utterly failed Project, that collapsed with a thud in 2008? Or should I remind you of Macri’s rout? Probably not! Does this demonstrate his ability, or just your faith in Macron The Reformer?

Headline: France’s Macron to shut elite ENA school in drive for fairness

PARIS (Reuters) – The Ecole Nationale d’Administration has for decades churned out presidents, ambassadors and industry leaders but on Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron said he would abolish what has become a symbol of inequality in his drive for a fairer society.

“To carry this reform we need to put an end to the ENA,” Macron said as he outlined his response to months of protests in part against elitism in the political establishment.

“This is not about saying the ENA is a bad thing, quite the contrary. This is about ambitious reform, we need to build something that works better.”

The president’s eye-catching move against his own prestigious alma mater will please those who consider the ENA an emblem of the tight-knit club that dominates political and business circles and rile others who see a cynical gesture that fails to address the causes of France’s social imbalances.

“If you keep the same structures, habits are too strong,” Macron said as he sought to calm a five-month street revolt that has derailed his economic reforms and challenged his authority.


Or might a political cynic point to the fact that, he has kicked the ladder, that made his political ascendancy possible, down. So that only he and his fellows can enjoy the fruits of their victory, obtained by their status as the last of the pedigreed ENA Technocrats?



P.S. Your screen name is … And you call me ‘nuts’!





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