janan.ganesh@ft.com on ‘moderation to the point of tedium’. Political Observer comments

The cast of characters of Mr. Ganesh’s latest political melodrama is a crowded field! First to appear in the headline of this Capitalist Apologetic newspaper is ‘The Populist Left’ ,hardly a surprise: the specter of Marx in his various political/economic iterations, is the idee fixe of the Free Market Coterie. From Mises/Hayek/Friedman, and the great charlatan Ayn Rand, and her comic-book Objectivism. Piketty has lost his appeal as the target Economic Radical of choice? Piketty is mere Economic Liberalism, in sum, Left-Wing Social Democracy , while Marx is the eternal Nihilist Revolutionary.

The ‘actors‘ in order of their appearance:

the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama . John Maynard Keynes , the Tea Party, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders , Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Federal Reserve,  China, Trumpism, Populism, recession, Michael Bennet, Bourbon restoration, the Bilderberg classes, Polls, Revealed Truth, Lyndon B Johnson’s Great Society,  Chile, Germany, Gini coefficient, Wall Street Democrats, Moderation

The above framing of his essay is suggestive of historical/political knowledge of American politics and its actors, one of Mr. Ganesh’s glaring points of weakness.  The reader eventually comes to this pronouncement on what the Democrats have to offer the electorate, in contradistinction to Trump’s erratic political nihilism: Moderation to the point of tedium is still the Democrats’ surest way to victory next year. In sum, Mr. Ganesh presents the argument of the New Democrats that only a ‘Centrist’ can win against Trump. Define that ‘Centrism’ as the alliance between the New Democrats,  the Neo-Conservatives and their Neo-Liberal fellow travelers: Biden,Harris,Warren, Booker etc. All the New Democrats can offer is a carbon copy of Hillary Clinton! This qualifies as just another form of political nihilism.

Political Observer



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