miranda.green@ft.com on the ‘elevation’ of Boris Johnson. Political Observer comments

The Financial Times couldn’t secure the talents of one of its Marquee Names, to write this essay, framed on the supposition of the politically unpredictability of Boris Johnson, as a place holder for a wholesale political apologetic? That would be laughed at, by its very politically sophisticated readers. But Ms. Green shows that she is capable of something akin to that apologetic, but in a unintentional comic vein:

But this carefully-curated persona is not the same man that Conservative MPs and commentators say will reveal himself once in power.

The reader needn’t waste her time here, but watch and listen to George Galloway, a favorite here @FT, on the elevation of Boris Johnson:


Let Mr. Johnson have the last word, as reported by Ms. Green:

As Mr Johnson himself admitted to the Tory party after acknowledging his victory in a speech just after midday: “There may even be people here who wonder quite what they have done.”

Political Observer


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