Neo-Liberals Bennett & de la Fuente attack Marianne Williamson, in America’s political gossip sheet Politico! Old Socialist scoffs

Headline: How the Dems Should Blow Up Their Debates

Sub-headline: For starters, putting Marianne Williamson on stage is hurting the party’s chances to unseat Trump. Here’s how to scrap the rules and start over.


Is it even a surprise that both the authors of this plan to ‘blow up the debates’ are passing themselves off as ‘Center Left’ , in sum New Democrats/Neo-Liberals?

Matt Bennett is an executive vice president at Third Way, a center-left think tank.

David de la Fuente is a senior policy adviser at Third Way, a center-left think tank.

The policies that Third Way has advocated:

Third Way has worked on the following policy issues:

  1. The economic benefits of green energy. Since 2010, Third Way is lobbying the creation of an alternative clean energy and climate agenda. Part of this effort has included highlighting and advocating the work of advanced nuclear technology start-ups.[25] The organization has recently partnered with the Department of Energy’s Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) to connect advanced nuclear developers with federal laboratories.[26]
  2. Marriage equality. Third Way launched the Commitment Campaign in 2011 with the aim of finding common ground between the LGBT and religious community that culminated in reframing the marriage equality debate to focus on “love and commitment” instead of “rights and benefits”.[27] The group also worked on the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act.
  3. Trade agreements. Third Way advocated for new trade accords with Korea, Colombia and Panama and advocated for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  4. Gun safety. Third Way has continued to work on similar issues to those addressed by Americans for Gun Safety, which include universal background checks.[28]

Notice that the support for ‘green energy’ advocates  nuclear power : ‘advocating the work of advanced nuclear technology start-ups.’  Marriage equality: ‘debate to focus on “love and commitment” instead of “rights and benefits”, in sum don’t upset/antagonize the religious conservatives.  And ‘advocated for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.’ This is Neo-Liberalism masquerading as ‘Center Left’,  in sum ,warmed over Obama!

After their dull-witted preliminaries, these two technocrats continue their attack on the utterly unqualified Williamson,  while Game Show Host Trump occupies the White House!

Beating Donald Trump is the political cause of our lifetimes. Democrats simply cannot afford a process for picking our nominee that advantages the activist left over the mainstream, the wealthy over the middle class, and the television famous over viable leaders. Before the July debates, the Democratic National Committee should scrap its rules for selecting debate participants and start over.

The inclusion of Williamson and other fringe candidates at the MSNBC debates—and the exclusion of quality, substantive contenders like Montana Gov. Steve Bullock—was the absurd if unintended consequence of the plan for limiting debate participants developed by Tom Perez, chair of the DNC. Perez is a brilliant and dedicated party leader. But he made a mistake with this debate plan, and it could affect our party’s ability to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

The political hysteria begins with these rhetorical actors : ‘ the political cause of our lifetimes.’ ,  ‘the activist left’, ‘the wealthy‘, ‘the television famous’ , as opposed to ‘viable leaders’ .  Those ‘viable leaders’ are the same old tired New Democrats ,beginning with the utterly clueless Joe Biden, of racist Crime Bill infamy. And some new faces like Kamala Harris, AIPAC stooge and OneWest Bank pardoner, who threatened the parents of ‘truant’ children, with jail time as Attorney General of California , Corey Booker ambulance chaser, and another AIPAC acolyte. the list goes on and on : the crowded field offer the illusion of choice, but not anything like its actuality.

And don’t miss this montage of the Democrats on Israel, in sum ,swearing their allegiance to this state repeating the all the bourgeois cliches!

Somehow in the Age of Trump Marianne Williamson remains beyond the pale. She represents the politically illegitimate, as the Guru to the stars, she offers a toxic distraction to the Trump Menace!  Except that the whole of America’s Political Class were/are the Midwives of Trump! Considering the political allegiance of Bennett & de la Fuente,  to an utterly failed Neo-Liberalism, presented as the self-serving lie of the ‘Center Left’ ,are an integral  part of that failed and failing Political Class!

Old Socialist





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