@JananGanesh on Ivanka Trump as ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’. Political Observer comments

Headline: Poor Ivanka: pity the children of privilege

Sub-headline: Why the First Daughter and scions of the rich and powerful deserve our sympathy

Kitsch-meister Ganesh proves that he hasn’t lost his touch for turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear: voila! Ivanka Trump as ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ . The part was better played by Gloria Vanderbilt, who became an arbiter of style, and a Brand Name. Not to speak of a memoirist of note.

Mr. Ganesh describes his  ‘evolution’ on the vexing question of ‘pity the privileged‘ :

Once, I would have been at the head of the mob, evil-eyed and foaming. But I have come to know enough of these scions to understand the sadness of their lot. Here are three reasons to pity the privileged.

1.The first is pressure.

2.The second curse of privilege is ennui.

3. the guilt?

I put a question mark by the third ‘reason’ because the enumeration comes to an abrupt halt- the ‘pity the privileged’ argument seems to lose its rhetorical forward drive. Yet with such evocative rhetorical players: Christopher Hitchens, Forrest Gumpishly, Bildungsroman, Lenten, this feuilletonist reaches a not so startling aporia.

Political Observer


P.S. Seeing Ivanka, former member of Trump’s Apprentice coterie, trying to chat with the self-important leaders of ‘The West’ , demonstrates a comic pathos that Mr. Ganesh’s politicized apologetic fails to even approach!



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