Clinton Surrogate Harris attacks Clinton Surrogate Biden. On the bankruptcy of The New Democrats! Old Socialist comments

Sen.Harris was too eager to play the respectability game with sclerotic Biden, at least until she could deliver the ‘I was that girl’ coup de grace about ‘busing’! Who can forget this Harris nonpareil:

‘Sitting onstage during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference last March, Sen. Kamala Harris dropped an anecdote about her own unlikely brush with Zionism as a Jamaican-Indian American girl growing up in Oakland. “As a child, I never sold Girl Scout cookies,” the California senator told the audience, according to a participant who tweeted about it. “I went around with a [Jewish National Fund] box collecting funds to plant trees in Israel.”

The Senator from OneWest Bank, AIPAC and Attorney General of California who threatened poor people with jail time for the truancy of their children:

Headline:Kamala Harris: resurfaced video on truancy prosecutions sparks backlash

Sub-headline: Critics responding to 2010 speech said they disapproved of her willingness to use law enforcement tactics on parents of truant children

Harris’s anecdote about the homeless mother captures “the disaster of American social policy”, James Forman Jr, a scholar and critic of mass incarceration, wrote on Twitter in response to the clip. “That’s the American way: what little help we offer poor people comes under threat of prison.”

The people prosecuted for the “crime” of having their children miss school are overwhelmingly poor, black and brown, Forman, the author of Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment Black America, wrote. “Poor parents don’t need the threat of jail to get their kids to school. They need what the wealthy take for granted: good schools, lead-free water, safe parks, healthy food, well-stocked libraries, etc.”

One widely shared tweet compared Harris’s remarks on truancy to Hillary Clinton’s racist 1996 comment about juvenile “super-predators”.

Harris is THE wrong person to lecture Clinton Surrogate Biden! After all, she too is a Clinton Surrogate.

Old Socialist

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