The tedious ennui of a Posh Boy: in honor of Janan Ganesh.The Ghost of Joris-Karl Huysmans comments

Headline: Save me from the tyranny of choice

Sub-headline:In a world of cacophonous information, the absence of it is life-improving

Here is the key paragraph of Mr. Ganesh latest feuilleton:

Good. If they went yet further, and did not tell us what we were eating, either verbally or via a paper menu, all the better. In a world of endless choice, expert curation is precious. In a world of cacophonous information, the absence of it is life-improving.

His essay resembles not the cloyingly sweet Pavlova but,  the ‘wildly over the top’, Spanische Windtorte: the recipe :

The last paragraph is so larded with overwrought  descriptors e.g. : ‘the Cartesian order of Washington’  that its a pastiche of a pastiche!

Outside Mãos, having made no decisions for three hours, I brave the coiled entrails of the London street system, or anti-system, with its myriad permutations, so unlike the Cartesian order of Washington or the numbered right angles of New York. Complexity can be designed out of our lives, as those places show. When it comes to the built environment, as much is lost as is gained. When it comes to the humdrum consumption that takes place within it, I see no cost, just a kind of emancipation. I want to be led so I can be free.

Best regards,

The Ghost of Joris-Karl Huysmans



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