Posh Boy Edward Luce warns the Democrats on their ‘over-reach’ on transgendered children. Old Socialist comments

Headline: US liberal over-reach on gender identity risks benefiting Trump

Sub-headline: Democrats’ embrace of transgender rights burnishes president’s everyman appeal

Never fear the Neo-Liberal Collapse of 2008, and its issue ‘The Gig Economy’ has precipitated an American Political/Moral De-Evolution. A bit hyperbolic, but none the less true. I like the Posh Boys, at @FT, am not above a bit of self-congratulation!
The reader could reply that the Civil Rights Era, and its various beneficiaries, has come to a close, or has slammed shut, in the political watershed of the post 2008 Crash World! While factoring into the political equation, the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder, that removed the ‘pre-clearance clause’ from the Voting Rights Act. In sum, the rebirth of ‘The Solid South’. This decision codified the passing of that’ Era’!
Posh Boy Luce offers a warning to the New Democrats, who en masse abandoned ‘Liberalism’ for ‘Neo-Liberalism’,  about the issue of transgendered children. The reader can see that this issue will resonate with the Fundamentalist wing of the electorate, but it was the White Middle Class voter who put Trump in office, allied to the lazy, or should I say ‘overconfident’, Hillary Clinton? Who failed to actively campaign in three key states , that went to Trump in the Electoral College.
Luce’s fretting over this issue will prove to be a small ripple, as compared to the New Democrats and their growing talk of impeachment.
Trump honed his propaganda skills on fifteen seasons of ‘The Apprentice‘ , not to speak of establishing himself as ‘Leader’ in the frame of Mark Bennett’s crude Television Kitsch .
To somehow place Mr Biden on The Left is on its face preposterous! Joe is a New Democrat who authored the draconian Crime Bill using the notion of the ‘irredeemable predator’ that could not be checked by political amelioration, so implacable was his criminality.


While Mrs. Clinton preferred the use of Super-Predator:

The New Democrats will lose in 2020, because the Party structure is still in the thrall of the Neo-Liberal operatives . The Future of the Democratic Party, if it has any kind of future, will be with Ocasio-Cortez, Gabbard , Omar and Tlaib. With the active support of Senator Sanders.

Old Socialist



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