janan.ganesh@ft.com on the candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. Political Observer comments

Notice the monetary framing of the headline writers:

Elizabeth Warren is underpriced in the Democratic race

That is buried deep in the body of  the Ganesh chatter:

She is, if not the best candidate in this race, then certainly the most underpriced.

Mr. Ganesh’s ‘insights’ are, to be generous, shopworn! As for political insight the reader needs to look elsewhere. How about this essay from April 25, 2019, from corporate shill and ersatz Feminist Anne-Marie Slaughter:

Headline:  Political good girls are fighting a losing battle

Sub-headline: Female candidates still follow rules that their male competitors gleefully ignore


This collection of ‘insights’ by Ms. Slaughter has escaped the male political gaze of Mr. Ganesh. For the interested reader Mr. Ganesh’s Wikipedia entry contains insights like these:

Ganesh was active in Labour Students, the student wing of the Labour Party, having been inspired to join when he was 19 by Tony Blair‘s 1999 annual Labour Party Conference speech. In an interview with The Guardian at the time Ganesh described himself as “essentially a Portillista”, comparing his politics to Michael Portillo’s, who was the then Conservative Party Shadow Chancellor. Ganesh opted not to attend his local constituency Labour Party meetings as they were “too dominated by Trots”.[3]

For two years he was a Researcher at the Policy Exchange, a Westminster-based right-wing think tank set up by Conservative MPs Nick Boles, Michael Gove and Francis Maude, and for five years he was political correspondent for The Economist.[1] Ganesh co-authored Compassionate Conservatism (2006) with Jesse Norman, which received the T.E. UtleyMemorial Prize for young journalists.[4]


When will Mr. Ganesh finally finish that novel, that is gathering dust, in that bottom desk drawer? Or should I say the neglected PDF at the bottom of his computer screen? It will be a contemporary political novel, like Vivian Grey, without the unnecessary digressions. This novel will  outdo the ‘Bonfire‘ of Tom Wolfe, as it will be etched in acid rather, than steeped in the racial/political paranoia, that was the essence of life in the Metropolis, and its greedy mendacious actors, of the Wolfe novel?

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