At The Financial Times: Macron’s plan for Europe, while the Gilets Jaunes control France. Old Socialist comments

While Macron’s Napoleonic Ambition never seems to be in contact with the wholesale rebellion that is tearing France apart: his Neo-Liberalization of France has met defiance by the seeming leaderless ‘The Great Unwashed’:

In lieu of National Leadership Macron’s propaganda campaign concentrates on the Leadership of the EU. Unable to lead his home country, he puts his energy to leading a Mythical Europe. With a Plan

The Brexit ‘trap’ — but no contentious eurozone reforms

Sharing refugee burden in exchange for stronger borders

Olive branch to UK on security

‘Buy European’ idea is back — again

Treaty changes

Macron presents himself as The Leader of Europe, while he has proved that he is incapable of leading France, except by police violence. His popularity ratings Jan. 2019, 28%, 32 % as of Feb 2019.

Old Socialist

March 05,2019 attempted to post this in the comments section of The Financial Times, but the link for The New Left Review is designated as ‘malformed content’


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