John R. Allen ‘fights’ The Islamic State, from the comfort of his office @BrookingsFP! Political Observer comments

Never fear the War Mongers @BrookingsFP: Porcine Spartan Kagan and his sidekick O’Hanlon, now have a new partner in crime, in New Democratic National Security State appointee John Allen, who coincidentally is President of The Brookings Institution.

He not only advocates but defends America’s Thirty Years War. The Obama/Clinton coterie simply continued the policy of endless war, inaugurated by the manipulable dunce Bush The Younger and his Neo-Conservative handlers.

The response to the political victory of Know-Noting Trump, delivered by Clinton’s demonstrable incompetence as a campaigner, wedded to her ‘basket of deplorables’ insult to the victims of the Neo-Liberal Swindle, she and Bill institutionalized! The political ‘Center’ in American life and politics is now defined by the current alliance between the Neo-Conservatives and the New Democrats: an alliance forged in the 9th Circle!

To return to Mr.  Allen’s Thirty Years War advocacy the two final paragraphs are a summation of this pro-war polemic:

To be clear: The Islamic State is not defeated. It remains a local, regional and global threat, and notions to the contrary are misinformed. Though coalition efforts have successfully degraded the Islamic State’s core territories, the departure of U.S. forces leaves the door wide open for the group’s resurgence. Even if, as some reports indicate, this departure may be more drawn out than initially expected, the damage done by the broader message—the abandonment of our local partners and others in the coalition—remains unchanged.

The Islamic State is not defeated until the idea of the caliphate has been defeated. In the absence of U.S. global leadership and, where necessary, its forces, along with a real, long-term alternative to the terrorists’ allure as a regional and global actor, the gains made these past three years remain fragile and incomplete, and could easily unravel—and indeed, under this administration, I fear they will.

America is now defined by the institutionalization of Huntington’s cultural/political paranoia, of the capacious self-serving concept of the Other, as argued in his Clash of Civilizations. Look at Huntington’s polemic as a contemporary advocacy, and defense, of White Man’s Burden in more highfalutin World Historical terms.

Political Observer



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