@JananGanesh ‘s injunction: Don’t mourn Bohemia ! Old Socialist comments

Headline: Don’t mourn bohemia — it’s everywhere now

Sub-headline: We think of offbeat enclaves as a thing of the past. But bohemia isn’t gone, it’s just permeated the whole of city life

Mr. Ganesh resumes his rightful place as feuilletonist ,in residence, at The Financial Times, with the exception of the  paraphrases from the erstaz pop sociology of David Brooks, from 2000’s ‘Bobos’. And his claim  ‘I write this as a Bobo with Bobo friends’ – how could Mr. Ganesh allow himself to be subject to the dull-witted reductionism of the trivializing, not to speak of the malign, Mr. Brooks?

Brooks, who morphed into a War Monger, and then into a staunch defender of the IDF’s mass murder of Palestinians. Brooks’ roll-a-coaster de-evolution from Kulturkritik to War monger, and then to the status of self-appointed Political Moralist, makes real the the fact that America is about the rhetorical/political reification of self-created fictions.  The United States of Amnesia is allied to James’ ‘bitch goddess’ of success, as the ultimate measure of the worth of male hetero humans!

Old Socialist


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