@Sifill_LDF riffs on a theme from the @NYT. Political Observer comments

Voter Suppression was institutionalized by Shelby County v. Holder, cobbled together by the Roberts/Scalia duo of Neo-Confederate/Originalists, under the rubric of ‘things have changed’ a jurisprudental metaphor, eviscerated by Ginsberg in her empirically based   defense of  the ‘pre-clearance clause‘.

On voter suppression question I can agree with your tweet, but the cobbled together fantasy of Russian interference in the 2016 American election,  confected  by the notorious lairs Clinton/Clapper/Brennan, and their allies in three of the American National Security State’s most corrupt institutions FBI, CIA and NSA is not based upon the possible empirical evidence, that might have been available of the DNC servers, and or computers- we are left with the fact that Clinton won the popular vote, but lost in the Electoral College in the very states she failed to exercise her due diligence in the campaign.

The congruence between Clintons bruised ego, her perpetual political arrogance, and the Brennan/Clapper duo, as corrupt institutional actors, now out of jobs, not to speak of the allies of this  toxic trio still employed in government-the Russian Interference  in the American Election becomes the political banner, a mythology that unites the Midwives of Trump to rally behind as a show of their political incorruptibility. Its Political Melodrama confected with the Television Viewer in mind.

Political Observer



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