At The Financial Times: on the episodic crisis confronting Macron. Old Socialist comments

Is this the beginning of the end of M.37%’s ersatz ‘Jupertarian Revolution‘?  He is NOT de Gaulle, although this Neo-Liberal poser, whose unslakable egotism is writing himself into French history!

The protagonists in this melodrama: the Sophisticated City Dwellers vs Country Folk , who need cheap gas as essential to their survival, are the culprits, who seek to sow civic unrest : in sum, an expression of the dread Populists, who now haunt the Macron Authoritarianism, with actual rebellion, in agonizing episodes.

The foundation of Neo-Liberalism is Austerity, yet M. 37% stumbles from crisis to crisis, an utterly clueless énarque, or just an egoist without a modicum of political experience?  Look to the erased comment,of yesterday, from La Bergerie, as described ,in part, by my erased comment for a possible beginning of the Party Line on the question :

But look to La Bergerie for the Party Line of the sophisticated City Dwellers vs Country-folk, but that is not all, she/he rehabilitates the Clinton slur against the victims of her and Bill’s Neo-Liberalism: the political cross-fertilization of American Neo-Liberal mythology that is utterly usable in a the production of a New Myth: a French iteration of a ‘basket of deplorables’ Brava/Bravo!

Is all that posing on the World Stage, with the other leaders of states, great and small,  interfering with M. 37%’s ability to govern? Or is the problem much deeper? Is my resort to analytical cliche indicative of my own wonder at M. 37%’s political incompetence? Which leads to a very uncomfortable thought that Fillon, Thatcherite extremist, would have been a more competent ‘Leader’?

Old Socialist




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