Guillaume Duval (@gduval_altereco) answers his own 2017 question! Old Socialist comments

Guillaume Duval asked the question, in his May 18, 2017 essay, titled Can Macron Move Europe Forward?

The more than patient reader has her answer in his October 30, 2018 essay titled Trump, Putin, Orbán, Kaczyński, May, Salvini… An Opportunity For Europe:

Might Emmanuel Macron be the one, as he proclaims, to seize this bundle of opportunities to finally relaunch European construction? That’s clearly desirable since it is he who, as president of the French Republic, could start doing so straight away but nothing is less certain, however. His obsession with advancing the Franco-German tandem is counter-productive because it seriously rubs other Europeans up the wrong way. His ‘Jupiter-like’ manner of intervening in Europe, as he does in France, raises the hackles of all our neighbours who still fear, after all the havoc wrought over the entire continent by Napoleon Bonaparte, French ambition and imperialism in Europe.

What’s more, the way in which he has continued at home the irresponsible policy begun in 2015 by his predecessor on the question of migration – whereby France refused to take its share of welcoming them in – significantly contributed to the turn towards Euroscepticism that took place in Italy. Last but not least, economically and socially he does little more than back the continuation and heightening of the deflationary policies that have prevented Europe from recovering post-2008 and have fed everywhere Euroscepticism and the rise of the populists. If we are to profit from the present cluster of factors that favour a relaunch of European construction we unfortunately need to find, without delay, another engine…

Macron, M. 37%, rounding up the number of spoiled,unmarked or otherwise uncountable ballots in the final election. His ‘Jupertarian Revolution’, Rule by Decree has reached its point of stasis , not just the precursor to its ultimate decline but indicative of its actuality, as key Ministers depart, but not quietly .

@BretStephensNYT was one of the most vociferous advocates of Macron’s ‘Revolution’, not just of  énarque Macron, but of the likely ‘Death of French Socialist State’ . Mr. Stephens is an American intellectual/political hick, one of a breed of dullards that The New York  Times favors for their Editorial and Opinion pages.

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