Intellectual Folly. Old Socialist scoffs!

Such is the desperation of this newspaper, and one of its writers, to find a new augmentative armature on which to hang a ‘new’ description of Trump, has reached the point of the utterly ludicrous!
Can the reader imagine any eminent contemporary philosopher describing Trump in this way?

I saw the Emperor – this world-soul – riding out of the city on reconnaissance. It is indeed a wonderful sensation to see such an individual, who, concentrated here at a single point, astride a horse, reaches out over the world and masters it . . . this extraordinary man, whom it is impossible not to admire.

This is a quote from a letter from Hegel to Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer: From page 228 0f Terry Pinkard’s biography of Hegel. This letter written when Hegel was finishing what was to become the  Phenomenological of the Spirit in 1806, while he heard the cannon fire in the distance from Jena. At  the height of his unseemly romance with this tyrant!

Mr. Rachman favors a quote a quote from Hegel is his utter disillusion with Napoleon :

But Hegel suggested that things usually end badly for world historical figures: “They die early like Alexander, they are murdered like Caesar; or transported to St Helena like Napoleon.”

Mr. Rachman chooses the incompetent Neo-Liberal Revolutionary Macron to help him interpret Hegel to the uninitiated:

The quintessential world-historical figure of Hegel’s era was Napoleon, whom the German thinker described as the “world spirit on horseback”. Oddly, the best definition I have read of what Hegel meant by that term, came from the current president of France. Emmanuel Macron told Der Spiegel that “Hegel viewed ‘great men’ as instruments of something far greater . . . He believed that an individual can indeed embody the zeitgeist (world spirit) for a moment, but also that the individual isn’t always clear they are doing so.”

Trump is T.V. Game Show Host, with the guile and cunning of P.T. Barnum, a bully and a coward, whose politics can only be called Fascist!

Old Socialist





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