Posh Boy gideon.rachman@ft.com repeats and extemporizes on the Elite hand-wring over the rumored murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Political Observer comments

The first paragraph of Mr. Rachman’s latest column on the ‘murder’ of Jamal Khashoggi leaves little doubt that he tows the Party Line, at the same time as he shapes that Party Line of Elite indignation about the ‘murder’ of Khashoggi.

The disappearance and probable death of Jamal Khashoggi is a tragedy and a mystery. It is also a grievous blow to American policy in the Middle East.

What is the easily verifiable record of Saudi Arabia in terms of religious and political dissidents?

Headline: Beheadings: Saudi Arabia Quickens the Pace



Headline: Saudi man executed for witchcraft



Headline: Saudi Arabia executions: The political protesters who were killed – and those still on death row

Sub-headline: The execution of 47 people in Saudi Arabia on New Year’s Day has been condemned around the world


While the Elites and their ‘Foreign Policy Expert’s’ strum and drang ring from every outlet of the respectable bourgeois press, the I.D.F. murders with impunity the Palestinian Rabble as they express their resistance to Zionist Lebensraum!

The ‘enlightened’ Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the product of wishful thinking! He    and his family are the product of the European Imperialism of Sykes-Picot, as Zionism is the beneficiary of The Balfour Declaration.

Political Observer





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