edward.luce@ft.com on Nickie Haley as the last of the ‘axis-of-adults’. Political Observer

When it comes to ‘catch phrases’ Mr Luce has a talent to invent and or appropriate them, axis-of-adults, or to recite them as place holders for actual thought, “cognitive dissonance”  provides a kind of intellectual gloss to his essay.
Mr. Luce’s argument  here  leaves this reader in no doubt as to the Luce’s advanced case of political myopia:

This undercut Ms Haley’s efforts to retain some semblance of conventional US foreign policy, notably support for other democracies and tough words for autocracies.

America’s record on supporting Political Monsters of all kinds is easily verified: Netnayahu?  Only in a political present occupied by a center dominated by the alliance of New Democrats and Neo-Conservatives could the very reliably reactionary Ms. Haley be confused with political rationality in any way! ‘ Some semblance of conventional US foreign policy,’ is again the place holder for actual thought. Haley as representative of political rationalism? What of Brent Scowcroft or James Baker III  and their coterie of Foreign Policy ‘Realists’,  or even the political opportunism of the McConnell/Ryan alliance, and their bungling attempts , yet in retrospect, that had the semblance of the ‘rational’ ? The New Party Line is that Haley held the line against Trump’s America First irrationalism.

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