Headline: The Political Melodrama of M. 37%, episode CCCLIII, titled Woe is He! by Committed Observer

M. 37% is an authoritarian, in the highfalutin guise of  his Jupertarian Politics! That’s the ‘why’ of Mr Benalla unsurprising attack, under the cover of a false authority, on a demonstrator. Not under discussion is the inconvenient  fact that 36.5% of voters in the general election left their ballots blank, or were otherwise deemed uncountable or ‘spoiled’ . Such is the ‘popularity’ of Macron as bringer of ‘Reform’ otherwise known as Neo-Liberalism,  and its modus operandi of ‘Austerity’ for the majority, and a licence to steal for the economically powerful.

Harriet Agnew’s concluding paragraph is the end of her political agitprop:

Despite these challenges, investors remain optimistic on France. “The real achievement of Macron’s tenure so far is enforcing changes that were previously unimaginable,” wrote Pierre-Henri Flamand, chief investment officer of hedge fund manager Man GLG in a note to clients on Tuesday. “The opposition on both sides of the political divide is weak and fragmented, buying Macron time to implement the changes he needs to make.”

Pierre-Henri Flamand is the last of a collection of Capitalists and an academic that follows the usual Financial Times template. The testament of ‘…Pierre-Henri Flamand, chief investment officer of hedge fund manager Man GLG…’ ‘ “The opposition on both sides of the political divide is weak and fragmented, buying Macron time to implement the changes he needs to make.”.

About the ‘weakness’ and ‘fragmentation’ of Macron’s opposition, the reader only need look here:


French unions plan anti-Macron strike on 9 October


French trade unions have called a one-day general strike for 9 October against the “ideological policies” of President Emmanuel Macron. Pensioners’s groups had already called protests on that day against the government’s announcement that pensions will not be linked to inflation.

Two of France’s major trade unions, the CGT and Force Ouvrière, have called for the strike, along with a students’ union and a school students’ union.

A third labour grouping, Solidaires, has backed the call in principle but will take its official decision next week.

In a statement, they condemned Macron’s “ideological policies targeting the destruction of our social model, especially favouring an explosion of inequality and the destruction of collective rights”.

Decisions like the government’s announcement that pensions, housing benefit and family allowance will not keep pace with the rate of inflation will hurt “the weakest, the most vulnerable and most deprived once again”, they said.

Another major union federation, the CFDT, has not joined the strike call.

The last day of action came as a long series of railworkers’ strikes against Macron’s changes to their status petered out.The CGT has called on railworkers to take action again on 18 September, when negotiations on a new agreement for the SNCF rail company begin.

“The problems have not been settled” at the company, CGT leader Philippe Martinez told RFI on Friday.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe started a new cycle of talks with unions and bosses on Wednesday.


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