NeuroLeadership Inst. manufactures & sells the ‘reality’ of Neuro-Determinism. Old Socialist comments

The next stage in Corporatist Apologetics is the newest ‘Think Tank’ NeuroLeadership Inst:

Neuroleadership refers to the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership.[1] The term neuroleadership was first coined by David Rock[2] in the US publication Strategy+Business.[3] Neuroleadership claims to bring neuroscientific knowledge into the areas of leadership development, management training, change management, education, consulting and coaching.

The idea and exploration of  ‘determinism’ is one of the pressing questions of Western philosophy. But Mr. Rock’s Institute is found not in free inquiry about the pressing question of that ‘determinism’, but from the perspective of an utterly failed Neo-Liberal experiment. The magazine Strategy+Business is about Corporatism:

The publication strategy+business is a business magazine focusing on management issues and corporate strategy. Headquartered in New York, it is published by certain member firms of the PricewaterhouseCoopers network. Prior to the separation of Booz & Company (now Strategy&[1]) from Booz Allen Hamilton in 2008, strategy+business was published by Booz Allen Hamilton, which launched the magazine, then titled Strategy & Business, in 1995. Full issues of strategy+business appear in print and digital edition form[2] on a quarterly basis, and other original material is published daily on the website:[3]

Articles cover a range of industry and organizational topics that are of interest to CEOs and other senior executives as well as to business thinkers, academics, and researchers. The articles, written in English, are authored by a mix of leading figures from both the executive suite and academia in addition to journalists and consultants from PwC.

The magazine’s founding editor-in-chief, Joel Kurtzman, coined the term thought leadership when he published interviews with influential business figures under the rubric “Thought Leaders.” [4] Today, interviews with “Thought Leaders” remain a recurring column in the print magazine and on the website.[5]

The NeuroLeadership Inst.’s ‘mission statement’ ,to repeat the vocabulary of corporate self-congratulation, is here:

The purpose of the NeuroLeadership Institute is to encourage, generate and share neuroscience research that transforms how people think, develop and perform.

The reader can look forward to the political alliance between the Corporatists at NeuroLeadership and Dr. Pangloss, Steven Pinker, and the Hydra headed charlatan Jordan Peterson, if this hasn’t already taken place! I just discovered the existence of this ‘Think Tank’ today!  Look forward to the birth of the concepts of Neuro-Devience, as an attack on those who would stray from the ‘accepted norms’, defined by the latest, yet ever-changing evidence, offered by the technocrats of Brain Science fostered by Corporatism. Simply a reification of the troika of Neo-Liberal Prophets Mises/Hayek/Friedman?

Old Socialist


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