Edward.Luce@ft.com on the continuing Trump Political Melodrama. Political Observer comments

Fellow Financial Times readers spend some of your valuable time reading some other writers ,than Mr.Luce’s jejune speculations, prognostications, not to speak of a rickety psychological portrait of the Carnival Barker Trump.
First is the American ‘Liberal’ Eugene Robinson’s Hymn of Praise to the ‘Deep State’ in the Washington Post, owned by CIA contractee Jeff Bezos:

Headline: God bless the ‘deep state’.

Before this harebrained and reckless administration is history, the nation will have cause to celebrate the public servants derided by Trumpists as the supposed “deep state.”

The term itself is propaganda, intended to cast a sinister light upon men and women whom Trump and his minions find annoyingly knowledgeable and experienced. They are not participants in any kind of dark conspiracy. Rather, they are feared and loathed by the president and his wrecking crew of know-nothings because they have spent years — often decades — mastering the details of foreign and domestic policy.

God bless them. With a supine Congress unwilling to play the role it is assigned by the Constitution, the deep state stands between us and the abyss.


One can only wonder at the state of ‘Liberalism’, that one of its advocates, representatives  should praise such a lawless band of nihilistic political actors. Such is the manufactured hysteria aided and abetted by the Brennan/Clapper/Clinton political alliance.

Then turn your attention to Ray McGovern’s latest essay. This from a man with some actual long term experience working, with distinction, in that ‘Deep State’

Headline :‘Trump Strikes Back at ‘Ringleader’ Brennan’

Sub-headline: At war with current and former intelligence officials since before he was elected, Donald Trump Wednesday moved to strip Barack Obama’s CIA chief of his security clearance, though worse may be in store for John Brennan, says Ray McGovern.

There’s more than meets the eye to President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearances that ex-CIA Director John Brennan enjoyed as a courtesy customarily afforded former directors.  The President’s move is the second major sign that Brennan is about to be hoist on his own petard. It is one embroidered with rhetoric charging Trump with treason and, far more important, with documents now in the hands of congressional investigators showing Brennan’s ringleader role in the so-far unsuccessful attempts to derail Trump both before and after the 2016 election.

Brennan will fight hard to avoid being put on trial but will need united support from from his Deep State co-conspirators — a dubious proposition.  One of Brennan’s major concerns at this point has to be whether the “honor-among-thieves” ethos will prevail, or whether some or all of his former partners in crime will latch onto the opportunity to “confess” to investigators: “Brennan made me do it.”


The question to the reader then becomes what shall I make of these three opinions, in the most vulgar terms, where might I place my wager? Or can that reader see with growing clarity that the indited Russian Trolls have challenged the Mueller case in court:

Headline:Mueller’s Attempt to Hide Evidence Just Got Torn Apart by Attorneys for Alleged Russian Troll Farm

While making their case for why Mueller’s blanket protective order should not be granted, Concord Management cites the wide-ranging nature of the request itself. Noting, “The Special Counsel seeks the unprecedented process of prohibiting defense counsel from sharing or discussing any discovery with any co-defendant—including the only person affiliated with Concord named in the Indictment—unless those individuals come to the United States to become hostages in this political game of tit-for-tat.”

Concord’s description here is essentially correct. Mueller’s protective order would be unprecedented in the district. As noted later in the filing, no published court opinion in the D.C. Circuit has ever allowed such a blanket protective order for unclassified discovery materials–the case law just isn’t there.

And aside from the district in question, Dubelier also claims that “[n]o reported court case has ever endorsed a blanket protective order of this magnitude for unclassified discovery.” This is another way of saying that Mueller has apparently requested something so prohibitive that there’s arguably no analogue to it in U.S. law. This is a broad accusation and necessarily an open question. Unfortunately for our purposes, it can’t really be analyzed here because Mueller, naturally, only purports to cite a handful of cases in his initial request–and not the entirety of U.S. law and jurisprudence.


And this from America’s Political Gossip Sheet, with pretension, on the Manafort Trial, day thirteen, it takes three reporters to cover this news story:

Headline: Manafort trial Day 13: Jury deliberations begin, verdict timing unknown

Sub-headline: The former Trump campaign chairman has pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of tax and bank fraud.

Jurors began deliberating Thursday in Paul Manafort’s trial on bank- and tax-fraud charges, but the possible timing of a verdict remains unknown.

U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III sent the 12-person jury off with a lengthy list of instructions on how they are to weigh reams of evidence and testimony delivered by special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors and the former Trump campaign chairman’s lawyers over the course of the two-plus week trial in Alexandria, Virginia.

“You may deliberate as long or as little as you like,” Ellis told the jurors before he officially impaneled them. “How long you deliberate is entirely up to you.”

A court security official who briefed reporters later Thursday morning said the jury can work as long as they want each day, even beyond the 5:30 p.m. end time they’ve typically had. The official said a verdict will be read in court immediately after its reached — even if it comes after hours.

Any questions the jurors have for the judge will also be read in open court.

As the wait began, Manafort’s attorneys decamped to the Westin hotel restaurant across the street from the courthouse, along with reporters and players from the New York Jets, who are in town for a pre-season game Thursday night against the Washington Redskins.

The jurors are working out of a ninth-floor conference room because the typical space where they meet is otherwise overcrowded.


To even venture a guess, in this political/legal melodrama can only be left to the vulgar Political Theology of Luce, and his allies: who are scribbles that persuade their readers that they are Pundits. Platonic Guardians ,who are the hirelings of the Corporatist in their many guises.

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