Venture Capitalist Nick Hanauer, the Democrats & Reagan’s 11th Commandment: Political Observer comments

‘Nick Hanauer is a Seattle-based entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and the founder of Civic Ventures, a public-policy incubator.’

Its Summer and America’s favorite Political Gossip Sheet opens the ‘Floor’ to another ‘Greedy Capitalist’ to lecture the all and sundry members of the Democratic Party, on how they should proceed, after the Trump win. By the way ‘public-policy incubator’ is the Madison Ave. merde stand in for Think Tank,

Mr. Hanauer does not know of, nor does he practice, brevity in this ‘naming and shaming b.s.‘. But the fact is that the Neo-Liberals took over the Party in 1992! And after the Depression of 2008, are loath to give up control of the Party , while it ebbs away in electoral contests outside the Clinton coterie’s reach! A ‘Revolution from below’ that puts Hillary and her minions in a bad light, they need no help in that department, even though Hillary won the popular vote in 2016 by 4 million votes. Think of Mrs. Clinton whining to her staff, they weren’t going to let me have it, or some such locution awash in self-pity: think Aeschylus, Aaron Sorkin, or the long forgotten chronicler of D.C. politics Allen Drury?  
Mr. Hanauer screed is reminiscent of what Matt Miller, writing for the Washington Post editorial page and hosting NPR’s ‘Left, Right and Center’, used, at one point in his political career, to preach about ‘The Radical Center’. Mr. Miller’s political career ended in a lost  political contest for a House seat, and he went to work for an Investment House, surprise! Not that others didn’t opine on the subject, in their desperation to seem politically relevant i.e. Tom Friedman at the New Your Times.

But what Mr. Hanauer is preaching about is Ronald Regan’s , if I recall correctly, 11th Commandment : not to speak ill of another Republican. Just updated for the Democratic Party experiencing an ‘identity crisis’ after the  loss in 2016. The truth that Mr. Hanauer must face is that the Neo-Liberal must go, and what are in essence the New Dealers must take their place. Mrs Clinton and her allies will not let go, so its going to be a long and divisive fight for the ‘soul’ of the Democratic Party, to frame it in terms of Political Theology.  Mr. Hanauer should return to his Thing Tank and hire ghost writer.

Political Observer


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