David Frum on Trump: Episode DCCCIX. Old Socialist comments

AtlanticDavid FrumTrump July122018

David Frum,Wise Republican Elder & Midwife of Trump chatters while the American Empire is in its slow motion collapse!  NATO the tool of Empire, and the E.U., Monnet’s Neo-Liberalism before the fact, are the twin beneficiaries of this Neo-Con’s chatter.

Trump is a Know-Nothing and Frum a political opportunist who sees the advantage of calling Trump what he is: as the means of his political self -rescue from author of the propaganda sloganeering  of  the ‘Axis of Evil’ , to a Political Moralist. Like his ally David Brooks.

Old Socialist

DavidFrumWiseRepublicanElderMidwifeof Trump July122018



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