An Atlanticist on the Merkel/Macron ‘Summit’. Political Observer comments

Read Ms. Dempsey’s impressive credentials here at the Carnegie Europe web site:

That she is part of the Atlanticist coterie is easily obtained, even for the mildly curious. A link to the Atlantic Council’s web site:

Who else would the Financial Times assign to write about the political melodrama of the  Merkel/Macron ‘Summit’  but a NATO, EU loyalist , if not an  employee of a sort, than Ms. Dempsey? Or does plain speaking demand the name of propagandist ?

Headline: Macron and Merkel will struggle to show Europe a united front

Sub-headline: The leaders will arrive at the EU summit with opposing visions for the future

Ms. Dempsey wastes no time in coming to the point, she is nothing if not conscious of what her Atlanticist political loyalties demands:

But the meetings are not just about the EU responding to its own crises. They are also about the bloc’s two most important leaders confronting the erosion of the post-1945 transatlantic pact that has held the west together.

In the triumph of Trump and Trumpism signals that his particular ‘brand’ of American Know-Nothingism represents a threat to the Atlanticist institutional structures, and the very idea of the status of Europe as an American protectorate. Especially considering that the myth of Russian revanchism is now a central component of a ‘New Cold War’ that has become reason d’etre of the re-invigoration of  the NATO/EU alliance.  I’m a bit ahead of myself.

Ms. Dempsey warns that the ‘Summit’ between Merkel/Macron:

The summit could go terribly wrong.

The remainder of her essay is an exploration of the differing  ‘visions’ of the EU between  Merkel and Macron. Merkel the stolid conservative, not willing to give up the German dominance of the EU, and the use of the ECB as its capo: recall Greece?  And Macron, whose Jupertarian self-conception will be writ large upon Europe i.e. the realization of the EU as a Federalist State?  An actual Neo-Liberal Reformer?

Political Observer



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