On de Gaulle, and Pretender to French Grandeur Macron. Almost Marx comments

Mr. Fenby wrote an informative review of ‘A Certain Idea of France. The Life of Charles de Gaulle’, by Julian Jackson until the last three paragraphs when M. 37% and his ‘Jupertarian’, i.e. Rule by Decree politics, entered from stage Right. In FT parlance he is a ‘Reformer’ of the bankrupt Socialist State of France.

Hewing to the FT Party Line is the payment rendered for writing for this newspaper. De Gaulle and Macron have one thing in common their egotism. Yet de Gaulle was an actual leader and hero of WWII, no matter one’s politics, he was a major political actor of the 20th Century. Macron, a product of the Grandes Écoles and a banker, another name for an Oligarch.

The search for ‘grandeur’ in the case of Macron appears as a pathetic attempt to enter the World Stage as a major political actor. He has made no friends as the Germans run the EU, Merkel and her latest capo, after Schnabel, will never ‘Reform’ this Union: four time defaulter in the 20th Century won’t let go of power willingly.

A coterie of ‘Liberal Hacks’ act as if the idea of Europe were a matter of ‘faith’ rather than mendacious statecraft without an actual state, but the simulacrum of such an entity.    While his Neo-Liberalism first met with a nearly 37% of uncountable ballots, and now the Rolling Strikes from Unions. These Union members think and act, as if, they have some kind of claim to a life not subject to the immiseration visited upon the other  workers in Western Democracies. That are still sunk in the watershed of the misbegotten Free Market social/political/economic engineering!

Almost Marx


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