Macron & Trump: a political romance. Political Cynic comments


I went grocery shopping a little after 6 AM this morning, and on my way out of the store, I caught a glimpse of today’s Wall Street Journal front page. I stopped, arrested by this political obscenity. There was M. 37% almost embracing Donald Trump. This could  have been Marine Le Pen.

This is a startling instantiation of Macron’s ‘pragmatism’ or just his Jupertarian Politics: the exercise of candor demands the fact of his political opportunism. A product of  the Grandes écoles makes alliance with Trump, and his Know-Nothing politics, or just call by its name: American Fascism!

Those Trade Unionists, and the collection of Parties on the Left will make the most of this picture. With Macron’s poll numbers at 40%, and his embrace of the utterly bumptious Trump, is his gravest political miscalculation. Fool or knave are the two categories that can’t be applied to Macron. Perhaps he is just Trump, with a compelling, even evocative, educational pedigree!

Political Cynic

I posted a copy of this at The Financial Times:



Damage control? In what way?

Here is a report on Macron’s congressional speech ,from the American Political Gossip Sheet Politico:

Headline:Macron implicitly rebukes Trump in Congress speech

Sub-headline: The French president differed sharply with his new American friend on climate change, trade and the role of the U.S. in world affairs.

Macron has made another catastrophic miscalculation: he crossed this former Game Show host, and Trump is very unforgiving. His Catch Phrase was ‘Your Fired’ !





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