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For you and the rest of the ‘Macron Coterie’ there is a ‘profile’ at Vanity Fair that reeks of the usual treatment accorded to Movie Stars, living and dead, and the scandals and successes of ‘High Society’ and ‘Royals’ : in sum, the staple of this glossy rag. With evocative, yet cliche ridden photographs, by their ‘star’ photographer  Ms. Leibovitz.

But his comments on Trump are … :

Macron returns to the subject of his state visit and his “very personal relationship” with Trump. “We have developed a good level of trust and respect,” he notes. “We talk on the phone on a regular basis.” During Trump’s visit to Paris last year, the leaders discussed “challenging issues such as trade and climate change. Donald Trump made very clear that his priority was to fulfill the promise he had made to the people who elected him. I respect that. I do the same in France. However, we have no ‘Planet B,’ and I want to maintain the highest level of global mobilization on this crucial issue of climate change. That was the purpose of the One Planet Summit in Paris last December, in which plenty of Americans participated.

“I appreciate the forthright conversations I have with President Trump as they help us understand each other,” he continues. “Whether it be on the Iran deal or on trade, I believe we can actually reach a common ground. Both France and the United States want to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb and wish to put an end to distorting trade practices. . . . These talks take place in the context of the unique and long-lasting alliance between our two countries. This strong bilateral bond is key: France is the United States’ oldest ally. We will always stand side by side.”

Macron professes to be especially gratified by the invitation to address a joint session of Congress, a rare honor for a foreign leader. But he also confides that he was a little disappointed that the constraints of a Washington-centered visit would prevent him from having direct contact with what he calls “the real America.”

“Obviously I will not have time to make my Easy Rider trip to get in depth into the U.S. I love this road movie [genre], by the way, in literature or in cinema, where you go inside the country.”

Does this express the propinquity between two authoritarian personalities ? Or just M. Macron’s confidence that he can charm this political monster, created by the utter collapse of America’s political romance with Neo-Liberalism. Not to speak of a bankrupt political class.




Like Trump, Macron has utmost confidence in his ability to mold his critics. Macron will use his charms, assisted by his authoritarianism, dubbed Jupertarian Politics by Madison Ave. prestidigitation. Nearly 37 % of French voters rendered their ballots uncountable. Why? Perhaps because the Hobson’s Choice between Macron and Le Pen were equally unpalatable, or just anathema! The Rolling Strikes, will they succeed in alienating the French voter? That 37% reeks of a state of alienation as an already politically existent phenomena.

It looks as though Macron has already exhausted the patience of Mrs. Merkel, the once leader of the Virtuous Northern Tier and the Myth of German fiscal probity. Trump is an unmanageable Know-Nothing, and woe unto those who think they have the key to Trump Management: Macron.

I don’t read Vanity Fair, but the long quote doesn’t pass judgment like you seem to do. This nearly obsequious profile of Macron is part of concerted public relation campaign, before Macron’s visit to the US . Chis Wallace of ‘Fox News’ is touting his ‘exclusive interview’ with Macron this Sunday, while I was watching, this morning, as I worked out.

I do pass judgement on Macron, I find him to be just another Corporatist i.e. Neo-Liberal, who has the attention of Western Political Hacks panting, as they hope the last bastion of ‘Socialism’ France is Neo-Liberalized . While those advocates/apologists for this nihilism, in American and Britain, chatter like magpies about the genius of Macron. Just call this adoration of another Free Market Hack utterly shopworn. Or call it another manifestation of the Big Lie!





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