Anne-Sylvaine Chassany on Olivier Faure. Old Socialist comments.

The final votes in the 2017 French elections were Macron 20,257,167 , Le Pen 10,584,646, Abstentions 11, 416,454, White or spoiled ballots 4, 045,395. The Rolling Strikes represent not just the ‘over-privileged’ Union members, as argued by Macron and his coterie at The Financial Times, but by my calculation about 15,461,894 French Voters , not counting that 6% of Socialist voters, as I can’t seem to find the final vote count for the Socialists. That these voters are alienated from Macron’s Neo-Liberal Imperative, utterly failed in both America and Great Britain, does not phase Anne-Sylvaine Chassany, as she takes the measure of the new leader of  Socialist Party, Olivier Faure.

The 49-year-old politician identified Mr Macron, who won -the support of centre-left voters and prompted high-profile defections from the Socialist party, as his main target. “Let’s be honest, the idea [of leaving the party] has been in the mind of every one of us at some point recently,” Mr Faure told a Socialist gathering in Aubervilliers in northern Paris.

For reasons of ideology Ms. Chassany misidentifies the ‘center-left voters’ as supporters of Macron,when it doesn’t take much political imagination, to see  that well over 15 million French Voters, with the addition of the Socialist Parties 6%, didn’t find Macron’s Jupertarian Politics, authoritarianism with a Madison Ave. impasto, worthy of casting a ballot for, to maladroitly characterize it. Yet Ms. Chassany can’t quite willfully forget that she is a journalist first, and not just a journalistic hireling, who frames everything she writes to the parameters of the Financial Times Party Line! These two paragraphs if carefully read can offer some valuable insights:

“We’ve been through one of the most gruelling phases of our recent history — because a minister from our ranks, who claimed to be neither on the right nor on the left, then on the right and on the left, is in fact leading policies that are on the right and on the right.” His attack on the president comes as rail workers strike in protest at the president’s economic reform plans.

Mr Faure faces the challenges of rebuilding the Socialist party after François Hollande’s deeply unpopular presidency and after its presidential nominee, Benoît Hamon, attracted a humiliating 6 per cent of the votes in the first round of presidential elections last year, the lowest tally since 1959.

Again, the over-privileged cheminots take center stage, in this Neo-Liberal melodrama, its author Ms. Chassany demonstrates that M. Faure is an ideologue. It takes one to know one?

Giving the example of the planned reform of the indebted state rail operator SNCF, he sided with rail workers, known as cheminots, who disrupted train services last week to protest against government plans to end perks such as lifelong employment and early retirement. “There is no need to challenge the status of the cheminots,” Mr Faure said, triggering applause.

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