The Financial Times marks the 50th Anniversary of ’68. Old Socialist comments

Where was Anne-Sylvaine Chassnay in 1968! Probably as yet un-born! The headline gives the FT game away. So does the utter irrelevance of the Neo-Liberal Hack Mr Cohn-Bendit ! He joins Negt and Kluge in joining the ‘establishment’?
But as Ms. Chassnay points out the political scene has changed, and the Labor Unions are leading this French edition of ‘The Rebellion Against The Elites’!
The Revolutionary Spirit of ’68 lives on as the opposition to the Jupertarian Politics of Macron, as an erstaz de Gaulle, and his political nihilism as a French Renewal.
Rather Macron’s vision is filled with the mendacity of a failed Western Experiment with the Free Market Lie. Remake France in the image of a teetering Capitalism, and its bankrupt mythologists, Hayek,Mises,Friedman.
France too can immiserate,indeed, destroy its middle class. And seek solace in the dialectic of the 1% vs the 99%, that can only exacerbate that rebellion against the failed, incompetent Technocrats, and their delusion of their status as Platonic Guardians. Please note, that the notorious and tireless philosophical poser Bernard-Henri Levy was part of ’68, and that the “Nouveaux Philosophes” of ’76 grew out of that revolutionary moment. And the revelation of  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn publication of the The Gulag Archipelago in Paris in 1973 (Russian) & Volume I in French in 1974.

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