Netanyahu: Mad Man! Political Observer comments

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was once portrayed in the Western Press as a mad man, for his statements awash in his cultivated ideological/historical ignorance of the Holocaust, not to speak of his belief in the 12th Imam, as signs of his irrationalism. How many Western Leaders believe in the Virgin Birth and the ascent of Jesus, and other cornerstones of the Catholic Faith?
Mr. Netanyahu faces the possibility of arrest over charges of corruption, but now waves the remains of an Iranian drone and threatens an all out attack on Iran. Israel has between 100-200 nuclear bombs and the means to deliver them to targets in Iran. While Israeli apologists maintain the fiction that those bombs don’t exist. And or bragging in print about this ‘open secret’. Mordechai Vanunu is the person of conscience, in fact hero, who revealed the existence of these weapons to the world.
American diplomats and the President need to cut off all aid to Israel until Mr. Netanyahu offers an unambiguous retraction of this war mongering.It will never happen, but the world community must condemn this in the strongest terms. Let AIPAC lead the way to sanity. More delusional thinking.
Iran is another pariah nation like Russia and North Korea, not just subject to the scorn freely printed in the Western Press, but to the war cries of demagogues like Mr. Netanyahu. Yet he has the will and the power to plunge the world more deeply into the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ that will dwarf the Shoah, in its exercise of unalloyed nihilism, acting as political self exculpation.
Political Observer

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