Trump and the ‘Russia Scandal’ episode MDLVII: the Looming Constitutional Crisis! Political Observer comments

‘a presidential historian at Princeton University’  Julian Zelizer repeats the respectable bourgeois, not to speak of the mendaciously myopic, Party Line on the FBI:

“This is clearly a systemic effort to discredit [Robert Mueller’s investigation] and to sow doubts in the minds of as many voters as possible, especially Republican voters,” Mr Zelizer said. “What you’re watching now is not just that the investigation is partisan or that you have an overzealous prosecutor, it’s basically arguing that the entire FBI is corrupt.”

Aided by the Political Hysterics Senator Dick Durbin:

‘… said on CNN. “If the House Republicans believe they’ve set the stage for this president to end this investigation, they are basically saying that in America one man is above the law.”

His Republican colleagues were “bound and determined to continue to find ways to absolve this president from any responsibility”, Mr Durbin alleged. “And frankly it’s doing Putin’s work.” ‘

And  Rep. Adam Schiff:

Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House intelligence committee, said in an interview with ABC that Mr Trump’s decision to disregard FBI and Justice Department warnings and release the memo “could be evidence of the president’s intent to interfere with the investigation”.

And the reliable New Democrat Leon Panetta:

“I believe it creates a constitutional crisis when the president distrusts the justice department and the FBI . . . They’re the primary law enforcement agencies under our constitution,” Mr Panetta told CBS.

The only real problem with this maladroitly confected melodrama,  can be summed up into one vexing question: where is the evidence? What has evolved here is just the political hysterics of Hillary Clinton, and her political minions, amplified by unrelenting  repetition, its called propaganda for a reason.That old adage, repetition is the mother of memory, made real?

I was ‘interviewed‘, when Torquemada J. Edgar was still in charge, by the FBI. My brother was AWOL from the Army during the Vietnam War. You could spot these creeps a mile away, same late model, bottom of the line cars, and cheap suits awash in self-justified bulling. Just like the Narcs, on the lookout for Pot Smokers and their ‘Free Market’ experiments with sales. And on the subject of ‘police’, I was also ‘interviewed‘ by the LAPD Detectives who handled the O.J. Simpson case, in the matter of the ‘murder investigation’ of a notorious heiress, and her scheming butler. This inquiry was so old, that her file was in long term storage. These two dull-witted bunglers were a wonder.  The why of the O.J. verdict made abundantly clear!

For just one instance of the FBI’s mendacity allied to bungling, its Crime Lab Scandal is just one paradigmatic case:

Or Mr. Hoover’s notorious letter to Martin Luther King as another example of this monster’s unchecked power- call the FBI what it is, an American Stasi.

See also this Intercept report:

Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?

Or this from The Guardian:

Critics say bureau is running a sting operation across America, targeting vulnerable people by luring them into fake terror plots
Fake terror plots, paid informants: the tactics of FBI ‘entrapment’ questioned

The myth of the probity and legal  uprightness of the FBI, and it current and past leadership is a lie, carefully cultivated with the complicity of American movies,television and internet popular entertainment. One need only look to the ABC television for providing a long term propaganda outlet with its The F.B.I..
Political Observer

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