Whither @iamDavidFrum? Political Cynic’s pretentiously framed question

Where is the self-proclaimed  ‘Wise Republican Elder’ @iamDavidFrum when we need him, to interpret Trump & Trumpism? The midwives of Trump created the possibility/actuality of a Trump & are now full of theories, that adroitly avoids confronting their own political culpability in his rise! Voila! ‘”Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic”  The promotion tour begins?

DavudFrumTwitterProtectedTwitter AcctJan 242018Only confirmed followers’ have access  to his twitter account!

Political Cynic

About stephenkmacksd

Rootless cosmopolitan,down at heels intellectual;would be writer. 'Polemic is a discourse of conflict, whose effect depends on a delicate balance between the requirements of truth and the enticements of anger, the duty to argue and the zest to inflame. Its rhetoric allows, even enforces, a certain figurative licence. Like epitaphs in Johnson’s adage, it is not under oath.' https://www.lrb.co.uk/v15/n20/perry-anderson/diary
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