May vs. Macron: Janan Ganesh provides the color commentary. Old Socialist observes the ‘contest’!

The Financial Times and its hirelings are politically smitten with Neo-Liberal Golden Boy Emmanuel Macron. In his essay of January 15, 2018, Mr. Ganesh reveals the central Macron conceit:

Before he became president of France, he identified a hole in his nation’s public life. “This absence is the figure of the king,” he said, “whom I don’t think fundamentally the French people wanted to kill.” The theory, not new in France, might explain the country’s periodic thrall to exceptional, almost monarchical leaders. François Mitterrand is the most recent in a gallery that includes Charles de Gaulle and Napoleon.


Call Macron M. 37% after the spoiled, and other uncountable ballots that ushered in the Jupertarian, read authoritarian, politics of Macron. Mr. Ganesh has more pressing business, in sum: ‘…Britain succumbs to relative drift.’ Mr. Ganesh can’t resist the ‘temptation’ of engaging in a public shaming of Mrs. May. Now this couldn’t be rooted in misogyny as Ganesh worships at the Thatcher shrine?

But the regular reader of his essays knows that he would prefer Tory bully-boy and political master-mind Cameron, or the rapacious opportunist Blair.

Yet Mr. Ganesh engages in dishonesty when he describes Macron’s politics as: Mr Macron has started to liberalise France’s labour regulations and reduce the state’s holdings in major companies. Substitute the actuality of neo-liberalise for the notion of liberalise! In the ‘West’ corporations have enjoyed state subsidies and regulation since the post 29 Crash, this did not end with the rise of Thatcher/Reagan. But this fact is superfluous to the Ganesh attack on May, who ‘ showed a stern face to international business.’

Macon’s position as presented by Ganesh: More than this, he plainly hates the idea of France as the passive subject of continental events. Or more likely tired of being just one more cheerleader for NATO, as check on ‘Russian Revanchism’?  the American Hegemon?

Not to forget, ‘The old liberal-left awe of France as a place that “just does things better”…’   At At The Financial Times, Left hysterics are never out of place!

In conclusion Mr. Ganesh presents France in its potentiality under Macron and Britain as confused under the ‘leadership’ of May:

At times, it has been no country for young men (or women). But then that is why it took a chance on the president who is bringing his regal certainties to Britain, which appears much less sure where to go and who is to lead it there


Here is a link to a New York Times report on Macron’s recent speech in Calais on the refugee crisis.

This crisis made by America’s continuing, never ending ‘War on Terror’ and its ever expanding theaters. Macron’s Jupertarian Politics with its highfalutin rhetoric, mounting broken promises, and unapologetic authoritarianism, will collapse in the disgust of the French electorate. And this obvious fraudulence, and it root in Macron’s hubris.


Old Socialist


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