FBI Director Christopher Wray’s predictable hysterics on the dangers of encryption to cyber security. Publius comments

Is it anything like a surprise that the latest National Security State operative Christopher Wray sounds the ‘alarm’ and like Pavlov’s dog the Press genuflects to the carefully cultivated Legend of the the ‘invincible’ FBI? The reader just needs to look at the record of this utterly corrupt and malfeasant American Stasi! Lying, framing of persons, manufacture of evidence, and an incompetent Crime Lab!  To those who dared to cross J.Edgar Hoover and his successors there is a heavy price to pay!

The FBI Crime Lab scandal was exposed in a 1998 book: Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab, John Kelly, Author, Phillip Wearne, Author, Phillip Wearne, Joint Author. Three reports on the scope of the FBI’s incompetence and cover up!




Breathtaking incompetence covered by an impasto of mendacity! And this only begins to describe the crimes of the FBI, as the enforcers of the current political orthodoxy: naming the ‘enemies of the state’!

The FBI has always relied on hysteria mongering, and that ever present mendacity: ‘urgent public safety issue’. Add to this, that courts treat FBI reports, written after the fact of ‘interviews’ of suspects and witnesses, are treated as prima facae truthful!




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