Michael Wolff , America’s Political Class & The ‘Journalists’ who serve them. Political Cynic comments

Wasn’t the kind of book written by Mr. Wolff , melodramatically titled ‘Fire and Fury’ once the province of respectable journalistic hacks/has beens, like what the Bob Woodward atelier used to churn out? Woodward’s salad days of Watergate, at The Post, are just a memory: except for the new movie starring Hollywood’s Gold Dust Twins Tom Hanks and  Meryl Streep. Jeff Bezos compares to Ben Bradlee and Kay Graham how? Neither Ben nor Kay were contract employees of the CIA?

Now, back to the Wolff  polemic:  anything like reportorial standards, in Mr. Wolff’s case as a ‘Media Critic’, were discarded in the name of  ‘Cognitive Capture’? (Way too highfalutin a term for Wolff’s particular brand of ‘Journalism‘?) Or  grabbing the readers attention at the cost of verisimilitude? Again, too much?

But pay attention to the real story here, the American Political Class and its Journalistic Fellow Travelers have been fretting and fuming about the Wolff political polemic for at least a week. Even a well known Brookings policy technocrat tweeted a long quote from the inspired satire of the  ‘Gorilla Channel’.  What more could Trump ask of his tweets and of Wolff’s book than to keep his opponents in a continual state of exploitable political disequilibrium : he just perfected, if that’s the right word , what his mentor Roy Cohn taught him.

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Rootless cosmopolitan,down at heels intellectual;would be writer. 'Polemic is a discourse of conflict, whose effect depends on a delicate balance between the requirements of truth and the enticements of anger, the duty to argue and the zest to inflame. Its rhetoric allows, even enforces, a certain figurative licence. Like epitaphs in Johnson’s adage, it is not under oath.' https://www.lrb.co.uk/v15/n20/perry-anderson/diary
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