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The world, or its delicate microcosm  at The Financial Times, is beset with ‘trolls’ of all varieties: Anti-Zionists, Corbynistas, Brexiteers, Russians etc. etc. But the fact is, though you vigorously deny its applicability, Gaza resembles the Warsaw Ghetto:

During the first year and a half, thousands of Polish Jews as well as some Romani people from smaller towns and the countryside were brought into the Ghetto. Nevertheless, the typhus epidemics and starvation kept the inhabitants at about the same number.[35] An average daily food ration in 1941 for Jews in Warsaw was limited to 184 calories, compared to 699 calories allowed for the gentile Poles and 2,613 calories for the Germans.[36] In August, the rations fell to 177 calories per person. The German authorities were solely responsible for the arrival of food aid, consisting usually of dry bread, flour and potatoes of the lowest quality, groats, turnips, and a small monthly supplement of margarine, sugar, and meat.[37]

The only real means of survival was the smuggling of food and bartering; with men, women and children all taking part in it. Up to 80 percent of food consumed in the Ghetto was brought in illegally.[37] Private workshops were created to manufacture goods to be sold secretly on the Aryan side of the city. Foodstuffs were smuggled often by children alone who crossed the Ghetto wall any way possible by the hundreds, sometimes several times a day, returning with goods that could weigh as much as they did. Smuggling was often the only source of subsistence for the Ghetto inhabitants, who would otherwise have died of starvation.[37] Unemployment leading to lack of funds was a major problem in the ghetto.

Your petty bourgeois respectable politics have been offended by my ‘trolling’ ,so you resort to this rhetoric of obfuscation, by way of invidious comparison :

…that they would not dare apply to anyone else – Myanmar’s persecution of the Myanmar, the atrocities of Rwanda, even Assad’s Syria.

For the record, you have good company – Iran’s Ahmadinejad, for one.

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