Uber is a Taxi Service! Old Socialist comments

Even with the E.C. J.  ruling, The Financial Times ‘reporters’ are still awash in the Neo-Liberal rhetoric  of ‘ride hailing services’ , ‘peer to peer services‘! Government’s first duty is to protect the lives of its citizens! Or should the reader look to Ronald Reagan’s ‘government is the problem’ as an answer to the question about public welfare? The Free Market failed all but that 1%, leaving the 99% paying for the 1%’s bail-out! Or should that reader look to the The Grenfell Tower fire as the starkest kind of object lesson of what government might have done?

The E.C.J.’s decision will have broader significance for how technology companies that offer traditional peer-to-peer services should be regulated in the EU. With Uber now not classified as a digital company, EU governments will no longer have to prove to the European Commission that any restrictions on its business have to be “reasonable” and “proportionate” as stated by digital single market rules.

“After today’s judgment innovators will increasingly be subject to divergent national and sectoral rules,” said Jakob Kucharczyk of the Computer & Communications Industry Association in Brussels.

Jakob Kucharczyk’s ‘innovators’ , the authors of our  Brave New World,  are in fact Corporatist thieves who seek to dismantle the very reasons for government: to protect its citizens from unscrupulous and mendacious economic/political/civic actors, who cry foul when their scheming lies are uncovered and rendered null.

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