: ‘Against Xi Jinping’s Leninist autocracy’. Old Socialist comments

Yet how has the system that failed in Moscow succeeded in Beijing? The big difference between the two outcomes lay with Deng Xiaoping’s brilliant choices. China’s paramount leader after Mao Zedong kept the Leninist political system — above all, the dominant role of the Communist party — while freeing the economy. His determination to maintain party control was made clear by his decisions during what the Chinese call the “June 4 Incident” and westerners the “Tiananmen Square massacre” of 1989. Yet his resolve to continue with economic reform never faltered. The results were spectacular.

Mr. Wolf again demonstrates that Economics is the dismal science! He is no Keynes, who spent his days arising late in the day, and speculating in the stock market, and profiting handsomely in those investments. While he engaged in many cultural and varied sexual pursuits.

Mr. Wolf is all earnest technocratic commitment to Western Capitalism, even when it has proved itself unworthy of anything but contempt. But the Chinese ‘autocracy’ , better to call it by its real name totalitarian,  has proven that Capitalism does not need democracy to flourish, but can thrive in a state that has has an inexhaustible supply of slave labor: to manufacture Western electronic equipment, and the status symbols of the the Age, mobile phones. The suicides and rebellions of these workers have been quelled, or just covered up. Leninism was about establishing a network of state terror to keep the population in line! The spending of the Chinese government on ‘internal security’ is more than its military budget:

BEIJING (Reuters) – China unveiled another double-digit rise in military expenditure on Tuesday, but for a third year in a row the defense budget will be exceeded by spending on domestic security, highlighting Beijing’s concern about internal threats.

Spending on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will rise 10.7 percent to 740.6 billion yuan ($119 billion), while the domestic security budget will go up at a slightly slower pace, by 8.7 percent, to 769.1 billion yuan, according to the budget released at the opening of parliament’s annual meeting.

The numbers underscore the ruling Communist Party’s vigilance not only about territorial disputes with Japan and Southeast Asia and the U.S. “pivot” back to the region, but also about popular unrest over corruption, pollution and abuse of power, despite robust economic growth and rising incomes.

Spectacular compared to the Western Capitalism? And its politics lurching toward Corporatism, codified as ‘Trade Agreements’ TTP, TTIP, whose provisions make war on the very democratic traditions, of the modern Western nation state, that Mr. Wolf proclaims to be in need of institutional revitalization.

The west needs rejuvenation, too. It cannot rejuvenate by copying the drift towards autocracy of far too much of today’s world. It must not abandon its core values, but make them live, once again. It must create more inclusive and dynamic economies, revitalise its politics and re-establish anew the fragile balance between the national and the global, the democratic and the technocratic that is essential to the health of sophisticated democracies. Autocracy is the age-old human norm. It must not have the last word

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