At The Financial Times: Macri liberates the Argentine People from their Oedipal Strivings. Committed Observer comments

Mr. Benedict Mander’s first paragraph is-what to call it?

Mauricio Macri, Argentina’s president, has liberalised the country’s economy and opened it up to global trade and foreign investment. His government’s biggest task, though, is yet to come: it wants to get Argentina on the couch, to deal with its hang-ups and become a “normal country”.

Macri hasn’t ‘liberalised’ Argentina, he has Neo-Liberalized it, by paying a billion dollar ransom to Capitalist Vampire Paul Singer, for re-admittance to the faltering Free Market nations of ‘The West’. Should the reader call America led by Trump a ‘normal country’?

And then there is Mr. Mander’s rhetorical framing of the whole of his essay, with the master narrative of Psychoanalysis. The cult of Freud is not just passe, Psychoanalysis  was once a ‘Science’, that has devolved/decayed into another bankrupt ideology. How does one explain/describe the conundrum of the human world? Kant in his Critiques  attempted to describe the limits of human experience, to reduce it to three essential questions. Hegel produced his Philosophical Novel the Phenomenology of Spirit, that is a monument to the human imagination, that is called Philosophy.

Freud was a gifted charlatan whose ‘Science’ was a product of his megalomania and the will to play the Hero/Liberator on a cosmic scale. The scholarship is irrefutable,while it is contested by the Freudian Cult.

The title of this essay might more aptly be  : A Financial Times writer’s act of rhetorical desperation. Yet, the reader must give credit to Mr. Mander with confecting a Freudian Melodrama, in which Macri plays the part of the Liberator of the Argentine People, from their Oedipal Strivings directed toward Cristina Fernández.

Committed Observer


One of my comments on this FT essay:

@Freedomofthought @StephenKMackSD

Your comment expressed a certain muddled coherence, until this exercise in nihilist  hyperbole :

‘all those sympathisers and cronies of the kirchners should be burnt alive to produce the energy the country can’t because they did not invest a coin in growing the economy and giving the ‘pueblo’ a better life!’

You ventriloquise the beliefs and even the practices of General Jorge Rafael Videla, Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera and Brigadier-General Orlando Ramón Agosti.

Call the point of your rambling comment, not just compromised, but it renders it into the territory of the feckless!





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