Michael Bloomberg, Corporatist with a Plantation Mentality. Old Socialist marvels at his brass!

Is it a surprise that The Financial Times provides editorial/advertising space to a plutocrat with something to pitch: Bloomberg Global Business Forum? Mr. Bloomberg presents himself as the antidote to the Trump Political Nihilism. Here is his indictment of Trump:

Since January, the Trump administration has been signalling a retreat from the institutions that have played a central role in preserving world order and advancing economic progress over the past seven decades. The president’s failure to affirm Article 5 of the North Atlantic treaty at last spring’s Nato summit, his decision to pull out of the UN’s Paris climate agreement, his proposed cuts to foreign aid, and his snail-paced filling of the highest-ranking state department positions have left world leaders questioning America’s commitment to global engagement. They have also diminished the ability of the US to exercise soft power.

Just a cursory look at the Bloomberg political record presents the reader with the fact that he is a Corporatist with a Plantation Mentality, that fits quite comfortably with the present leadership of The Republican Party of Trump:

On Stop and Frisk:

Mr. Bloomberg had Judge Shira A. Scheindlin removed from the case, billionaires have powers of ‘persuasion’ mortals don’t possess. A telling excerpt from her exit interview with The New York Times:

She would never forget, she said, seeing a front-page photograph in a newspaper the day after she released her ruling, showing Mr. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, as she put it, “looking like two angry white men.”

“They seemed out of touch with the issues that the communities cared about,” Judge Scheindlin said. “They didn’t seem to understand the impact of these policies on real people and real neighborhoods and real communities and the detrimental impact it was having, even on policing. And that’s the point. They didn’t seem to get it. It was all about fear — New York would blow up.”

On the his support for the Neo-Liberal swindle of the ‘Charter Schools‘:

A plutocrat defends his confreres:

“What they’re trying to do is to take the jobs from the people working in the city,” he said on his weekly WOR radio show.

“They’re trying to take away the tax base we have, because none of this is good for tourism,” Hizzoner huffed about the thousands of activists in Zuccotti Park downtown.

Bloomberg was replying to a caller complaining about the noisy occupation.

“If the jobs they’re trying to get rid of in the city — the people that work in finance, which is a big part of our economy — go away, we’re not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees or clean the parks or anything else,” the mayor said.

The anti-corporate protesters plan to hit Washington Square Park today for a “general assembly.”


On the Show Trial of Occupy Wall Street demonstrator Cecily McMillan:

Two years ago, a young activist named Cecily McMillan attended a protest at Zuccotti Park marking the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. When police moved in to clear the demonstrators, a cop roughly grabbed her breast—photos show an ugly bruise—and she ended up being injured so badly that she had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. In a just world, she would be getting restitution from the City. Instead, in a grotesque act of prosecutorial overreach, she’s currently on trial for assault and facing up to seven years in prison.

According to prosecutors, McMillan, now 25, intentionally attacked her arresting officer, Grantley Bovel, by elbowing him in the face, and was then hurt when he tried to subdue her. She says that she instinctively struck out when she felt his hand on her breast, not knowing that he was a cop, and was then further assaulted.


Mr. Bloomberg is the definitive Neo-Liberal politician:  mendacious and utterly corrupted by an unslakable political ambition, wedded to obscene wealth. He is the ‘Free Market’s’ New Man: The Entrepreneur!

Both the Republicans and New Democrats, who are Corporatists, follow his lead.  Both parties share, without shame, the Plantation Mentality rife in American life, in sum, the dog-eat-dog of Neo-Liberalism and its jurisprudential corollary ‘Originalism’.

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