At The Financial Times: Gillian Tett as Mueller Partisan, American Writer comments.

A report based on anonymous sources and gossip! Chatter, chatter, chatter! Some of  Ms.Tett’s readers recall her indispensable ‘A debt to history’ ,as one her very best and most important contributions to actual Journalism, yes in caps!

Then there is this:

But lawyers who know Mueller’s team suspect there might be another explanation: Mueller is doing such a ruthlessly disciplined job that he is preventing any material from leaking. This partly reflects the character of the man, who is respected across party lines as a consummate professional. It also stems from something else: for Mueller and his other former FBI colleagues, this investigation has extraordinary historic importance, given that Trump fired James Comey in May as head of the agency for having mishandled last year’s email investigation into Hillary Clinton. “Mueller is absolutely determined to pursue this to the end — the credibility of the FBI is at stake,” said a lawyer who knows him well.

The Cult of Mueller and its propaganda arm the Financial Times! Mr. Mueller served as the head of the FBI from 2001 to 2013. John F. Kelly and Phillip Wearne published their book ‘Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the F.B.I. Crime Lab’ in 1998.

Where was Mr. Mueller’s vaunted ‘ the character of the man’, ‘a consummate professional’  or this howler ‘the credibility of the FBI is at stake’ !

More on the FBI Crime Lab scandal:

The reader of the Financial Times is habituated to Capitalist Apologetics- is defense of The Mueller Integrity and possibility of the impeachment of Trump, two imperatives that can be trusted to the demonstratively incompetent Mr. Mueller? His imperative,to rescue  ‘the credibility of the FBI is at stake’ !  Ms. Tett becomes in this essay a Mueller partisan .

Yet look to the New Democrats Pelosi and Schumer, who seemed quite amenable with Trump, as they made a shaky alliance on the Debt and DACA?

American Writer

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