janan.ganesh@ft.com The Brexit Melodrama,episode DCXII: The Specter of Decline! Old Socialist comments

Is Mr. Ganesh playing Tiresias or Cassandra in this episode of The Brexit Melodrama? I’ll assume that it is Tiresias, because Cassandra was fated to never to be believed. Because this is The Financial Times, I’m sure that Mr. Ganesh’s particular iteration of ‘declinism’, as a direct result of the Brexit, will find, not just agreement, but high praise for the Ganesh prescience! The EU, the tarted up cartel masquerading as as ersatz democracy, appeals to the inherent mendacity of the Capitalist Apologist!

The rhetorical rule of the Tory is to always sing the praises of The Iron Lady and her breaking of the hold that those corrupt union miners had on the politics of 70’s Britain. Was it an error not to mention the ‘Falklands War’ as the final victory for a defunct Imperial Britain?

Another Myth that Mr. Ganesh can’t let go of is the idea that ‘growth’ is the sine qua non of a functioning, indeed, flourishing economy. The thought and practice that the growth model is infinitely realizable is the great Neo-Liberal fiction., The ‘as if’ here is that the model proposed by Manfred Max Neef of ‘development’ as opposed to ‘growth’ has no claim to political/economic legitimacy.


What fuels Mr. Ganesh’s political vision? for want of a more apt descriptor, is not Social Darwinism, but the vulgar ‘dog eat dog’ of competition, as the sine qua non of homo economicus. Our political fate is not the republicanism, that has evolved over two thousand plus years of Western History, but the stunted, not to speak of bankrupt model constructed by the Hayek/Mises/Friedman Trinity. The twin Myths of The Iron Lady and The Mont Pelerin Philosopher Kings have their champion in Mr. Ganesh.

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