George de Menil on the project of French Neo-Liberalization: the German example can provide some guidance. Almost Marx scoffs

The editors of The Financial Times published  Anne-Sylvaine Chassany intervention on the side of Macron’s Jupertarian Politics today :

But what I missed was this essay by George de Menil , whose credentials are quite impressive, or am I being seduced by his title? ‘ a director of studies at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales’ ,that was published on August 30, 2017.

M. de Menil offers the same Neo-Liberal Party Line, except for these two sentences, which uses German ‘reforms’ of Labor Laws as a standard that the French must adopt.

‘The first is the absence of laws limiting the freedom of businesses to fix their own economic strategies.’

‘A second big difference involves the degree to which sectoral agreements may be arbitrarily imposed on companies and workers who were not a party to their negotiation.’

But note that the first consideration of each of these statements ranks the interest of ‘businesses’ and ‘corporations’ as of primary concern, and the place of workers/employees as second. In the droit du travail the place of that worker/employee is first.

Neo-Liberalism has no moral/ethical component: The Myth of the Wisdom of The Market, and the notion/belief that the Market is the only viable form of human knowledge, in sum an epistemology, attacks the very foundations of Western values, morals and politics. Its nothing less than a pernicious Market Utopianism, whose sine qua non is unslakable greed!

Almost Marx

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