@BretStephensNYT defends the eastern edge of The American Empire! Committed Observer reports

If Mr. Stephens isn’t baiting the New York Times readership as being not just complicit, but of being the active agents of America’s Decline, he called its descent into ‘moral chaos’ as having  its locus in the year 1968 : self-serving  philosophical/moral/political dishonesty is the cornerstone of the Straussian coterie’s penchant for the Big Lie, as political cover for the predations of its political actors.

The regular reader of Mr. Stephens will be surprised that of his many talents as thinker, cogitator and as Grand Inquisitor,  he is also an imaginative Armchair General. In his latest essay he echoes the voices of the Soviets and the British Imperialist’s Party Line:

The dismal, murderous fate of the Occupier is utterly familiar territory to Zionist Apologist Mr. Stephens. Given the failed Neo-Liberalism of the Clintons, Bush The Younger and Obama, and the rise of the Tea Party Zealots, is America’s precipitous decline into the idiosyncratic Fascism of Trump and Trumpism a surprise? Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’  is expressed in our political present as ‘The War on Terror’ .

As domestic background to the mendacious, criminal rule of our fragile Empire,  America’s Second Civil War makes its bloody, episodic return in Ferguson and Charlottesville. The historical fact : ‘The Civil Rights Era’ was simply a pause in the battle between the Union and the Confederacy, as it lives in the political present.

Committed Observer

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