While Rome Burns episode CCIX: Is ‘Game of Thrones’ on thin ice? Atlantic ‘staffers’ answer this burning question. American Writer comments

The reader can always count on The Atlantic to provide what? The hand wringing chatter of Neo-Con David Frum, as he passes himself off as ‘Wise Republican Elder’? That position is  already occupied by porcine Newt Gingrich, from his perch at ‘Fox News’. That perch had to be considerably reinforced so Newt could comfortably take up his residency.

Also think of The Atlantic’s participation in The Aspen Ideas Festival, that Koch Brothers sponsored parade of intellectual/political /economic hacks. In one of America’s most celebrated acts of public mutual masturbation, starring such luminaries as David Brooks, Thomas Friedman and Arianna Huffington, and a cast of equally impressive bought and paid for Public Intellectuals.

Not to forget the purchase of The Atlantic by Mrs. Steve Jobs, another Silicone Valley billionaire courting bourgeois political respectability?

But here the reader is confronted with the conundrum of The Game of Thrones, examined by Spencer Kornhaber, David Sims, and Lenika Cruz. Surely a topic worthy of the Atlantic’s Brain Trust!


Headline of the essay: Is Game of Thrones on Thin Ice?

Sub-headline:  Three Atlantic staffers discuss “Beyond the Wall,” the sixth episode of the seventh season.


The political victory of Trump and Trumpism, the political/moral eclipse of the New Democrats, and the beginning of a New Civil, with Charlottesville as its flashpoint, in the political present- having willfully forgotten Ferguson and a tidal wave of Police murders of black folk, and the rise of Black Lives Matter – the editors of The Atlantic choose to spend their critical/moral/civic energy on a television melodrama, that will soon enough be consigned to the status of re-run.

In December 2013, Straussian historical poser Francis Fukuyama postulated ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’ argued in his usual mendacious verbosity, a Straussian specialty:


Call the Atlantic editors myopic? Or just willfully ignorant of the Second American Civil War!

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