On Beinart’s ‘Liberalism’ episode CCCVI: on the clear and present danger of ‘antifas’, Old Socialist comments

The fact that America is in a state of Civil War has escaped the attention of the ‘Liberal’ Mr. Peter Beinart! He places himself rhetorically as the ‘objective viewer’ of the  state of American divisive politics of the present.  In sum, in this melodrama of ‘Left Wing Violence’ ‘antifas’ vs Trumpian Political Nihilism, as framed by the political rationalism of a Bourgeois Liberal, as answer to this violence. But note that the fact of the raging Civil War of the present is beyond the ken of Beinart’s Liberalism. Like the Bourgeois Liberals of the Cold War, Schlesinger and Niebuhr, who made alliance with the Nixon/McCarren/Mundt/McCarty Cold Warriors, Mr. Beinart will fear monger about ‘Left Wing Violence’ as the -in-order-too of demonstrating his ethical/political superiority, in defending the ‘Free Speech Rights’ of self-described Aryan Milo Yiannopoulos and Charles Murray of ‘Bell Curve’ Conservative Sociology.

First, the reader is to forget that kittenish Neo-Faschist Yiannopoulos was given an obsequious television interview by Bill Maher, viewed by millions, and then posted on YouTube? Mr. Yiannopoulos was denied a single opportunity to speak to an audience of one hundred Conservative students.

As for Mr. Murray, he has enjoyed the widest possible audience, is Mr.Beinart so young as not to remember Andrew Sullivan’s shameless advocacy/apologetics in The New Republic of the 90’s ? 

Given those egregious betrayals of ‘Free Speech Rights’, how would Mr. Beinart compare these actions to the complete blackout practiced by the Corporate Media against Noam Chomsky for over sixty years? Like the ‘Good Liberal’ Mr.Beinart simply exploits an opportunity to burnish his credentials as part of an imagined ‘Rational Political Center’, once represented by the Schlesinger/Niebuhr alliance and its political organ the Americans for Democratic Action: the apotheosis of ‘The Vital Center’ to the exclusion of all dissenters!

Old Socialist


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